David Reynolds

David Reynolds



Venture Partner

David brings over 25 years of neuroscience experience to the Dementia Discovery Fund UK Discovery team.

David is the CEO of LoQus23 Therapeutics, a DDF-created small molecule biotech focussed on drugging the mismatch repair pathway to treat Huntington’s disease and other triplet repeat diseases. He is also co-founder of AstronauTx, another of the DDF1-created companies.

David joined the DDF in 2019 after being the CSO of Alzheimer’s Research UK for 3 years. ARUK is Europe’s largest dementia research charity investing in various forms of neurodegenerative research, both in academic labs and translational research including drug discovery.
Previously David has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 18 years at Merck Sharp & Dohme, Lundbeck and latterly Pfizer, where he was the Cambridge Neuroscience & Pain research site head. He has held a variety of R&D leadership roles with responsibilities ranging from exploratory biology, through drug discovery, early clinical development and business development in multiple disease areas, but with a focus on neuroscience and pain.

Academic credentials:

MA & PhD for University of Cambridge, UK; Visiting Professor at the Institute of Neurology, University College London, UK.


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